What Is WB EMS?

It’s a 20 minute total body workout!

All levels of players use WB20 EMS training to improve their swing and endurance so they can play longer, harder and stronger. Our technology works 95% of your muscles for 20 minutes during each session. It usually takes over 90 minutes of traditional strength training to achieve that. You can feel results in 4 weeks and see results in 8 weeks.

The Whole Body 20 process-

  1. We complete a fitness consultation & 3D body scan
  2. Create a training program tailored to your goals
  3. WB20 EMS training accelerates results
  4. Body scan after 8 weeks 
  5. Measure, adjust and refine



EMS technology is a great tool for golfers to prevent injuries, build strength and improve their swing. The low-impact session activates 90% of your body’s muscles and builds better posture and core strength.

Your WB20 trainer will design a workout plan that is specific to your golf swing, increase club head speed and add distance and accuracy to your shot making. By working the specific muscle groups that are used to improve balance, strength, and stability, you’ll be playing better and with less fatigue!  

The most common golf injuries– damage to the rotator cuff, back pain and ligament sprains– are related to weak and inactivated muscles. EMS will help you activate and strengthen muscles so that you can enjoy the full 18 holes again. 


Tennis is a demanding sport that requires endurance and muscle strength. Improve your performance with EMS technology. Our tennis tailored sessions will focus on building muscles, increasing endurance, preventing injuries and perfecting your game.

Your WB20 trainer will customize a program to help you improve your speed, power, and explosiveness. By targeting specific muscle groups, you’ll increase the strength of your grip, serve, and swing.

With EMS, you can also strengthen the sensitive areas that are prone to accidents such as ankles, knees, rotator cuffs, and lower back to minimize the chances of, and speed the recovery from, tennis-related injuries.