Reduce Joint and Back Pain

Manage pain without drugs, improve mobility and quality of life

Lower back and joint pain destroys quality of life.

WB20 uses an FDA approved EMS suit that stimulates underactive back and core muscles. Our safe and ultra-low impact flexing and stretching movements can strengthen the lower back muscles in as few as 20-minutes, twice per week.

EMS training will-

  • Strengthen underactive back muscles
  • Slow or reverse muscle atrophy
  • Strengthen core & lower abdominal musculature
  • Improve lower body strength
  • Address loss of bone density
  • Improve functional fitness

WB20 personal training is suitable for all fitness levels and works well for those who endure back pain. It is important to note, EMS training does not require lifting heavy weight.

The Study: Thirty 40-70 yr. old patients were randomly assigned into two groups (WB-EMS: 15; Control group: 15). While the non-active Control Group maintained their lifestyle, the WB-EMS group completed a 12-week WB-EMS protocol (1×20 min/week) with movements specifically dedicated to Lower Back Pain.

The Results: At baseline, no group differences apart from non-regular exercise were observed. Intensity of Lower Back Pain decreased significantly in the Whole-Body Electric Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) group and remained unchanged in the Control Group.

The Conclusion: Whole-Body Electric Muscle Stimulation (WB EMS) is a time-effective training method for reducing chronic nonspecific Lower Back Pain and increasing maximum trunk strength in people with such complaints.


Train with a certified WB20 EMS trainer using an FDA approved device. Your training will be specifically designed to improve core and back strength. Each session will conclude with 5 minutes active recovery.

WB20 EMS Helps

Whole Body EMS:

  • Prevent Falls
  • Increase Strength And Balance
  • Manage Arthritis
  • Reduce Back And Joint Pain
  • Slow Osteopenia
  • Improve Mood
  • Improve Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Slow Or Reverse Sarcopenia
  • Increase Mobility