Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation combined with Functional training

Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation (WB EMS) is an FDA approved wearable technology that enhances the way your body responds to exercise without the need to lift heavy weight.

WB EMS has been a used by celebrities like Ashley Graham and athletes like Usain Bolt for years. This wearable technology is efficient and effective, yet safe. The WB20 personal training experience offers a great alternative to the gym. The technology allows us to bring a wellness practice to those who are not comfortable with exercise, are gym shy, or are limited by pain and injury. Because of the EMS suit the effectiveness of your workout is amplified. There is no dispute exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself. You will feel good after an effective workout and you will have more time to do what you love.

EMS Workout

What to expect-

We use an FDA approved EMS system. Our trainers are certified and insured.

First Session

Arrive Assessment & Fit3d Body-scan
Suit up EMS Super Suit on
Warmup Dynamic & Functional movements
Workout 15 min. Customized program
Relax “Active Recovery”
Head out Do something you love!

The Whole Body 20 Program is tailored to your goals. Constant communication between you and your trainer occurs during each session & results are measured using Fit3D body scan technology.


Personal Training
Tailored to Fit

During your workout the trainer carefully controls stimulation to muscles and directs you through a set of exercises tailored to your goals. Some EMS practices use a uniform level of stimulation for the whole body. At WB20 stimulation is modified based on muscle group worked during an exercise.

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Personal Training


Is WB EMS Safe?

Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation is safer than traditional training.

WB EMS mimics the signal your central nervous system sends to your muscles telling them to contract. It is painless and completely safe yet thoroughly exhausts muscles. The targeted nature of EMS makes it possible to deliver stimulation at varying levels based on the muscle group being worked. Our wireless EMS system is FDA approved and our trainers are certified.


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No. WB EMS utilizes low voltage so there’s not enough electricity to hurt you. Physical therapy has been using Electro stimulation as a rehabilitation method in the U.S. for decades. The experience of receiving the impulses may take a little getting used to, but it is not painful in any way.

Yes! You will replace fat with muscle using WB20 EMS. Weight loss comes from diet and exercise. Our primary goal is to improve your body composition. We want you to reduce fat and cellulite and replace it with muscle. One pound of muscle is about the size of a softball while a pound of fats the size of a basketball (muscle is 5x denser than fat). Replacing fat with muscle creates a more defined middle and tighter, toned buttocks. Only 20 minutes 2x per week! WB20 EMS with solid nutrition program means you ‘ll soon need new clothes.

Anyone at any age and level of fitness. We will specifically design a program for people at any age and level of fitness. Especially those with special needs and limited time. No matter you are we will design a plan to achieve your goals.

WB EMS mimics the signal your central nervous system sends to your muscles telling them to contract. When you maximally contract a muscle, at best, only 30% of all your muscle fibers are in a state of contraction. With WB EMS you can stimulate 95% of muscle fibers simultaneously to burn calories and improve strength in only 20 minutes 2x per week!

WB EMS is also used for rehabilitation after injury, for joint-sparing muscle development as well as targeted back and core exercises.

Numerous studies indicate that WB EMS can quickly and effectively train the deep pelvic floor muscles. It is an elegant way to counter incontinence. The positive effects may apply to the connective tissue and skin that is stretched during pregnancy.

IMPORTANT: Consult your gynecologist and begin training four to six weeks after delivery. Training starts at a very low intensity, which also serves as lymph drainage. As the body adapts the intensity is increased gradually over the course of multiple sessions. Only 20 minutes 2x per week!

WB EMS has many benefits. It enhances power, performance and muscular condition as well as increases metabolism and heart rate when used properly with a targeted workout routine. The benefit is that it does not require additional central nervous system input from a trainee that may already be tired and not have the energy to perform at high a level in their workout. It also places less stress on joints and soft tissue compared to traditional strength or resistance training. Only 20 minutes 2x per week!

WB EMS training should not exceed 2x per week not including a weekly active recovery session.

Most people can use EMS training but unfortunately, we are not able to accept clients with the following conditions-

  • Pregnant
  • Heart Pacemaker
  • Severe circulatory disorder & arterial circulatory disorder
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes mellitus

Everyone has their own limitations be sure to train with a certified professional EMS trainer.

Besides looking and feeling great, No! WB EMS technology is based on low frequency impulses that do not harm the body. The equipment is FDA approved and sends electrical impulses to the muscles the same way the central nervous system does. There are no known side effects of WB EMS training.

Whole-Body Electric Muscle Stimulation (WB EMS) is a time-effective training method for reducing chronic nonspecific Lower Back Pain and increasing maximum trunk strength in people with such complaints.


WB-EMS can be considered as an attractive, time-efficient, and effective option to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training and Resistance training for people seeking to improve general strength and body composition. Compared to lifting weight WB EMS places les stress on Joints and soft tissue making it perfect for active aging and those with injury history. Safe strength training with WB20 EMS is right for you.