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EMS Fitness: Classic versus functional training

Getting healthy starts with getting active and choosing a training routine that works for you. The question is, what type of workouts do you enjoy more? Let’s dive into classic versus functional training and how EMS fitness can help regardless of your training regime.

Classic Training

Classic or traditional training is based on popular and well-known gym workouts. Routines can involve exercise machines or even your body’s weight. Your muscles work on a fixed plane, so you tone a specific area, such as your biceps or abs. With such focused exercises, you can see rapid muscle growth, but the risk of injury is less because the movements are specific and guided.

Strength training is a great example of classic training since it depends on series, reps, and specific order of exercises. Many individuals target a specific area of the body each day of the week as part of their strength training. While there might be some questions about whether you have cardiovascular endurance or mobility due to your greater muscle mass, most of the time, if you complement your classic training with other exercises, you can enjoy a healthy fitness regime.

If you love the idea of consistently doing reps and the structure classic training provides, EMS fitness can complement your workout routine. But with EMS fitness, you won’t be working out just one group of muscles you are targeting, but all the muscles in your body, thus increasing the benefits of your workout.

Functional Training

Functional training involves routines with natural movements similar to what you do in your daily life. For many individuals, functional training has them stepping away from the weights and moving to different items as part of their routine, including kettlebell, battle rope, or a fit ball.

These exercises also use different areas of your body simultaneously, allowing you to train various muscle groups in one workout. There is also the added benefit of burning more calories due to the increased intensity of the exercises. That can be a great benefit when you want to lose weight or get more toned overall.

The main objective for those who opt for functional training is to build quality muscle while evenly strengthening the muscles throughout your body. Many see functional training as improving or maintaining their overall posture, balance, and mobility, especially as they age. Functional training aims to keep you healthy and fit so you can move easily throughout your daily routine.

Clearly, there are benefits to both classic and functional training. But is there a way that you can get the benefits of both in just one workout?

The Benefits of EMS Training for Your Fitness Goals

Depending on your fitness goals, you can choose the training system that complements those goals best. For instance, functional training might be the way to go if you want to lose weight and get that six-pack back. If you want to increase muscle mass, classic training might be the way to go.

However, EMS fitness training brings the benefits of functional and classic training together. Using functional training elements, we get your body moving, and with our EMS suit, 40% more of your muscles are activated.

EMS (electric muscle stimulation) uses electrical signals to contract 95% of your muscles while you work out. You work your entire body instead of just working for each muscle group. You get the benefits of strength training with less weight, making this a safer workout for those who need to be gentle with their joints.

Plus, the increased metabolic effects of EMS fitness can help to increase fat loss while dieting. Those underactive muscles that can’t be targeted with classic or even functional training get a workout with EMS fitness. Stubborn areas can get toned while you improve your functional fitness. Your workout is short yet amplified and highly effective. Our expert trainers can design programs for all ages and fitness levels with this EMS technology.

During your initial assessment, we identify muscle imbalances and potential injuries while addressing those areas of concern with a combination of specific exercises and stimulation. The result is strengthening your underactive, stabilizer, and core muscles to improve your overall athletic ability.

Now instead of just focusing on your biceps or abs, every muscle in your body enjoys a targeted workout. Two workouts a week for 20 minutes can help you to achieve your fitness goals without hours in the gym.

Are you ready to hit those fitness goals and get your body healthy and strong? Then schedule your EMS workout today!

WB20 provides a whole body EMS workout in 20 minutes with the next evolution in fitness. Our physical trainers can work with you to target your areas of concern. With the latest technology, our team can help you increase your strength, improve your metabolism, and work 95% of your muscles. Workout smarter, not harder.