Whole Body EMS for golfers

EMS enhances movement efficiency & Core strength!

Golfers like Miguel Angel Jimenez and Jose Maria Olazabal use WB EMS training to improve their distance, accuracy, and core strength. WB EMS technology works 95% of your muscles during each session. 90 minutes of training can be executed in 20 minutes sessions.

The Whole Body 20 process-

  1. Fitness consultation
  2. 3D body scan
  3. Custom training program
  4. Personal EMS training
  5. Measure every four weeks


    WB20 Golf

    Whole Body EMS technology is a great tool for golfers to prevent injuries, build strength, and improve accuracy. Our EMS workout is low-impact on bones and joints yet activates 90% of your body’s muscles throughout your 20-minute EMS workout.

    The synergistic effect of EMS with our Golf centered personal training quickly builds the rotational stability and core strength needed to shave strokes off your game.

    WB20 will design a plan specific to your athletic ability, body type, and muscle imbalances. Our training will target the specific muscles that improve your balance, strength, and stability. We will provide strength and flexibility recommendations for sustainable improvement. You’ll reduce injury risk and improve accuracy.   

    WB20 Tennis

    Tennis is a demanding sport that requires speed, strength, and endurance. Somewhat unique to tennis, athletes do not need to focus on heavy-weight training for bulk as much as they should look to build elastic muscle fibers. The Whole Body 20 Program focuses on rotational core stability and strength.

    Our expert training combined with EMS enhances how your body responds to exercise!