Whole Body 20

Personal Training

Burn fat & Build Muscle

Improve Balance & Posture

Burn calories, reduce cellulite, build lean muscle and meet your fitness goals faster with the WB20 training system. We create a personalized wellness plan based on your unique goals. Our 20-minute EMS sessions sculpt, tone and burn more calories than traditional exercise without the need for heavy weight.
Achieve your fitness goals in a fraction of the time with Whole Body 20.

What Is WB EMS?

It’s the best workout you’ve never tried!

WB EMS (Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation) increases strength & burns more calories by working 95% of your muscles at once. Our 20 minute sessions equal 90 minutes of traditional training. It’s time saving, safe & highly effective. Male and female members have seen reduced fat in common problem areas in 8 weeks.

The Whole Body 20 EMS Advantages-

  1. Reduce Fat
  2. Bone & Joint friendly
  3. Build & Tone Muscle 
  4. Optimize Posture
  5. Reduce Cellulite
  6. Core strength
  7. Correct muscular imbalances
  8. Balance and Stability

Our program = Transformation

It’s not magic, it’s science!

How It Works

Electrodes in your EMS suit mimic impulses that your Central Nervous System (CNS) uses to contract your muscles.

During a WB EMS training session you work so much muscle that it accelerates your metabolism and helps you burn calories for up to 48 hours after training (EPOC effect). It delivers the equivalent of a 90 minute strength training in only 20 minutes.

How It Works