Whole Body 20 Personal Training

The Future of Fitness

Enhance your body’s response to exercise with FDA-approved EMS training.
EMS builds muscle, accelerates fat loss, and improves recovery in 20 minutes 2x per week.
Certified Trainers are excited to connect with you.

What Is the WB EMS?

WB Electric Muscle Stimulation is an FDA-approved wearable technology that gently stimulates your muscles while you exercise. The stimulation elicits the effects of weight training but spares joints and soft tissue from the stress of heavy lifting. EMS is a bio-hack that enhances your body’s response to exercise.

What to expect?
1. Fit3D & Mobility Assessment
2. Personal EMS training
3. Active Recovery session

Need help figuring out where to start? We customize programs for all fitness levels.

Measurable Results

We design science-based programs using the latest technology.

The WB20 EMS workouts are perfect if you need to lose stubborn fat but don’t have 3 hours a week to exercise.

How It Works