Don’t have 3 hours to exercise!?

Get fit in 20 mins twice a week

Get fit, lean and strong without getting bulky. We combine innovative technology with expert personal training to enhance your body’s response to exercise. A twenty-minute EMS workout equals ninety minutes of traditional exercise.

EMS is the Future of Fitness

EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is an FDA-cleared technology that uses electrical impulses to enhance how your body responds to exercise. Gentle impulses are sent to targeted muscle groups causing them to contract up to 85 times per second. This increase in muscle contractions empowers your body to burn up to 500 calories via post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC effect).

Get Lean & Stronger

EMS activates up to 40% more muscle. The metabolic effects of EMS help to significantly increase fat loss while dieting.
EMS stimulates underactive muscles that can’t be targeted with traditional training. This allows us to focus on stubborn areas while improving functional fitness.

EMS is Safe Strength Training

EMS training contracts muscle without utilizing heavy weights and is much easier on joints and soft tissue compared to traditional strength training,
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EMS is the Future of Fitness

What Is the WB EMS?

WB EMS stands for whole-body electromyostimulation. EMS uses electrical stimulation to contract the muscles during exercise resulting in a deeper contraction and greater energy consumption. Some benefits of WB EMS include:

  1. Improved muscle strength and endurance: WB EMS can help to strengthen and tone the muscles, leading to improved muscle function and endurance.
  2. Increased metabolism: WB EMS can boost metabolism, weight loss and overall health.
  3. Enhanced athletic performance: Research suggests that WB EMS helps to improve athletic performance, particularly in sports that require power and speed.
  4. Improved circulation: WB EMS can increase blood flow to the muscles, which helps to improve circulation and overall health.
  5. Reduced muscle soreness: Some people report that WB EMS helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after intense exercise.

Electric Muscle Stimulation is an FDA-approved wearable technology that gently stimulates your muscles while you exercise. The stimulation elicits the effects of weight training but spares joints and soft tissue from the stress of heavy lifting. EMS is a bio-hack that enhances your body’s response to exercise.

We customize programs for all fitness levels.

Measurable Results from EMS Fitness

There are many ways to measure the results of a fitness program, and the specific methods used will depend on the goals of the program and the individual needs and preferences of the person participating in the program. Some common ways we measure the results of a fitness program include:

  1. Body composition: This is measured using our Fit3D body-scan which measures bodyfat, muscle mass and posture.
  2. Cardiorespiratory fitness: This can be measured using tests such as the treadmill test, cycle ergometry test, or step test.
  3. Muscular strength and endurance: These can be measured using tests such as the one-repetition maximum (1RM) test for strength, or the number of repetitions that can be performed at a given resistance for endurance.
  4. Flexibility: This can be measured using tests such as the sit-and-reach test or the back-saver sit-and-reach test.
  5. Functional ability: This can be measured using tests that assess the individual’s ability to perform everyday activities, such as the timed up-and-go test or the six-minute walk test.

It is important to note that the results of a fitness program can be affected by many factors, including genetics, nutrition, sleep, stress, and adherence to the program. It is important to track progress over time and to adjust the program as needed in order to maximize results.

The WB20 EMS program is designed to fit your unique needs.

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