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EMS to Fight Muscle Loss as We Age

The effects of aging are often widespread as individuals get older. The cardiovascular system can change as one’s body ages, and bones tend to shrink and become more susceptible to fracture. Additionally, muscles often lose strength, endurance, and flexibility. Unfortunately, without lifestyle changes, these issues can lead to a huge loss in the quality of one’s life in later years.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic cure to reduce these effects? While there is no magic cure, EMS workouts can have a profound effect on combating the effects of aging, especially when it comes to maintaining muscle strength and tone. These workouts are often far more effective than traditional workout regimens, even though they can be completed in a fraction of the time.

What Are EMS Workouts?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is an active workout that uses devices connected to electrodes that are placed along major muscle groups. These electrodes stimulate muscle fibers while you exercise, forcing the muscle tissue to work harder and more effectively.

For reference, the average person uses only approximately one-third of their muscle fibers during a traditional workout. In contrast, EMS workouts can activate up to 90% of one’s muscles when wearing a full-body suit. These workouts are much more intense but deliver solid results, even with sessions lasting only twenty minutes several times a week.

As the body completes traditional exercises, the user can feel small sensations as an electrical current makes the targeted muscles contract. These tiny pulses of energy mimic the body’s natural muscle contractions after brain stimulation to elevate the intensity of the training. Thus, it fortifies the muscle strength of the targeted muscles. While incorporating EMS into workouts is a relatively new concept, EMS has been used by physical therapists for years to stimulate blood flow to an area, reduce pain, and aid in recovery.

How Can EMS Combat Muscle Loss from Aging?

The loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs from aging is referred to as sarcopenia. It is common in many older adults and can be exacerbated by many factors, such as decreased mobility or physical activity, hormone changes, and inflammation from other conditions. Generally speaking, most physicians recommend regular exercise and a diet high in protein to reduce the effects of sarcopenia, as this condition can increase the risks of falls, impair mobility, and have a negative impact on overall quality of life.

EMS can stimulate deep muscle tissues without harming surrounding joints or bones, which makes it ideal for aging individuals. These workouts effectively maintain or increase muscle mass or strength without putting additional strain or stress on one’s body. The benefits of maintaining muscle mass are tremendous and include:

  • Increased mobility: A modern sedentary lifestyle can result in faster muscle loss and increased functional weakness. EMS workouts can help combat the sedentary lifestyle to reduce muscle loss and ensure that one retains as much functionality and mobility as possible throughout the aging process.
  • Inflammation: The causes of inflammation are widespread and can range from conditions, infections, injury, and even a poor diet. Inflammation signals to your body that cells are damaged and must be addressed. EMS workouts increase blood flow to the targeted muscle group, allowing them to function more efficiently. Increased circulation also brings vital nutrients and oxygen to damaged cells, aiding in a faster recovery. Overall, these workouts can help the body perform more efficiently by reducing inflammation and helping it recover from any injuries, whether they are age-related or not.
  • Muscle mass: The idea that EMS aids in maintaining or increasing muscle mass isn’t just a theory; it has been proven to increase muscle torque and functional performances of senior citizens and increase the size of fast muscle fibers. This study showed that EMS is a safe method to counteract muscle decline associated with aging.

Nobody can avoid the effects of aging, and sarcopenia can result in a steady reduction in function and loss of up to a third of one’s muscle mass and strength. This results in an overall decrease in muscle integrity and the loss of the fastest and most powerful muscle fibers. Unfortunately, the reality of these physiological changes can be a tremendous loss of functionality and quality of life.

EMS is an effective way to fight muscle loss without doing any damage to an aging body. To learn more about the benefits of EMS workouts and successfully counteracting sarcopenia, contact WB20 today!

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