Weight Management Program

Our Weight Management Program is ideal for anyone who wants to take control of their body composition.  Our programs are based around 20 minute EMS workouts combined with Personal Training as well as the latest fitness & nutrition technologies.  We measure and track your results with our Fit3d body scanner. We design programs for all ages and fitness levels.

WB20 Electric Muscle Stimulation technology will-

  • Produce the benefits of weight training
  • Improve posture
  • Protect joints & soft tissue
  • Create a fat burning metabolism
  • Help optimize hormones
  • Develops core muscles
  • Target underactive muscles
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Tightens and smooths skin
  • Burn more calories

WB 20 Program Advantages

Time saving 

Whole Body EMS Training takes 20 minutes 2x per week. The effectiveness is equal to or greater than if you spent several hours in a gym. 

Helps maintain muscle while dieting 

Whole Body EMS Training helps you lose weight faster when you follow a healthy diet, eliminating excess fats and sugars while monitoring protein intake.  Our program is designed to preserve and in some cases build muscle while losing fat. With EMS you will burn more calories at baseline and lose weight in a controlled, healthy & sustainable manner.  

Strengthens and tightens the core 

Abdominal fat resulting from excess sugar has become the most serious health risk of our time. Whether you lose abdominal fat immediately or it takes you longer the targeted nature of Whole-Body EMS Training will help you eliminate fat faster as well as strengthen your core leading to improved functional fitness. 


Thanks to Electro-stimulation your body will respond to exercise faster than going for hours and hours to the gym. This is possible thanks to the stimulation of all your muscle groups at the same time combined with expert personal training. 

Fight cellulite 

Whole Body EMS Training along with our “Active Recovery” contracts muscles helping to oxygenate cells, improve circulation and may reduce cellulite by draining the lymphatic system. 

Relief of aches and pains 

Back, Knee and Shoulder issues impact quality of life.  Whole Body EMS training is ideal to strengthen muscles and recover from injuries as well as prevent bone fractures and even osteoporosis caused by the weakening or loss of the musculature. 

We design complete programs based on your unique needs. You will burn more calories at baseline and lose weight in a controlled, healthy & sustainable manner.  

20 Minutes with EMS

20 Minutes 2x week:

  • Burn calories for 48 hours (EPOC effect)
  • Sculpt & tone Glutes and Core
  • Reduce Fat & Cellulite
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Strengthen Pelvic Floor
  • Improve Confidence & Esteem
  • Correct Imbalances
  • Improve Posture
  • Golf & Racquet Sports Performance