Personal Training

Our training is science-based and produces measurable results. We design complete programs tailored to our client’s individual needs. Our expert personal trainers keep the workouts fresh and use muscle confusion to keep your body progressing.


Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation Enhanced Golf training

Hall of Fame golfers like Miguel Angel Jimenez and Jose Maria Olazabal use Whole Body EMS training to improve their core strength. EMS technology condenses 90 minutes of traditional strength training to only 20 minutes.

Injury Prevention

reduce Falls & injuries with EMS

Reduce lower back and joint pain with EMS. WB20 uses FDA-approved EMS technology that strengthens underactive back and core muscles. Our safe and ultra-low impact flexing and stretching movements strengthen deep core muscles while improving metabolism and body composition. Prevent pain, and improve mobility and quality of life.

Muscle Toning & Fat Loss

Our program combines personal training with accountability & nutrition coaching. We complete an assessment and then recommend a complete program based on what you need.

Our program is designed to support long term weight loss and promote hormone balance.

Functional Fitness

Move Better – Live Better

Functional training is perfect if you want to move better and improve your fitness while improving your body composition.

  • Improved Movement Patterns
  • Improved Movement Efficiency
  • Improved Physique:
  • Improved Coordination and Mobility:
  • Increased Calorie Burn
  • Improved Aerobic Capacity
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass

WB EMS Performance Training

Discover why top performers like Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rafael Nadal incorporate WB EMS training into their strength and conditioning programs.

Whole Body EMS is an excellent complement to existing training because we can target specific muscle fibers. From a training perspective, we can enhance athletic ability with higher efficiency. Strength, Jump & Sprint programs are available.


WB20 Mobile Personal Training

Skip commuting, avoid the dirty gym, and forget about sweaty gym equipment. With your trainer, you can work out whenever it’s most convenient. Our expert personal trainer’s design workouts based on your needs. You only get one body. Let’s take care of it.