WB20 Mobile Personal Training

 Skip commuting to the gym, avoid dirty equipment, and never forget about a sweaty gym bag again. You can work out with your trainer whenever it is most convenient for you.  Our expert personal trainers keep the workouts fresh, your muscles guessing, and your body improving. With a great program and accountability, you’ll be surprised how much you can do.

There are several potential advantages to offering in-home EMS personal training:

  1. Convenience: In-home training can be more convenient for the client, as they do not need to travel to a gym or studio.
  2. Flexibility: In-home training allows for greater flexibility in terms of scheduling sessions.
  3. Comfort: Some people may feel more comfortable training in their own home, particularly if they are self-conscious about their fitness level or appearance.
  4. Cost: In-home training may be more cost-effective for the client, as they do not need to pay for gym membership or travel costs.
  5. Personalization: In-home training allows the trainer to tailor the workout to the client’s individual needs and goals, and to provide more hands-on attention and support.

It is important to note that in-home training also has some potential drawbacks, such as the need for the trainer to travel to the client’s home and the need for the client to have sufficient space and equipment for the workouts. We will discuss these considerations with the client and to assess their needs and preferences before starting in-home EMS training.

EMS workouts effectively work over 350 muscles simultaneously over 20 minutes, forcing your body to burn more calories than 90 minutes of traditional exercise. Get lit & fit fast with Whole Body 20.

Results Matter- realize measurable results with EMS

Our certified EMS trainers identify your goals and design a program to achieve them. We also work to improve your functional fitness, create hormone balance, and increase your metabolic rate. 

EMS = Safe Strength Training

Avoid injury! We’re able to keep your joints safer because we don’t need to use heavy weights in order to give you a great strength training.

ConvenientTwo 20 minute EMS workouts per week

Schedule your sessions and put your fitness on autopilot. Your time investment is your workout, which yields the results of 90 minutes in the gym.

EMS is Perfect for Beginners

Want to get fit, but need to know where to start? We’ll introduce you to fun, practical routines and fitness tips that produce lasting results. When you’re ready, we’ll introduce more advanced exercises. We’ll even teach you how to use your existing equipment.

We offer Mobile Personal Training services throughout Northern Virginia , including Tysons, Reston, Great Falls, Fairfax, Loudoun County and Prince William county.

Mobile Personal Training in Washington DC and Maryland, including Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Potomac. Our trainers are certified, insured, and background-checked. Sign up now to check availability.

Benefits of Mobile Training

Benefits of Mobile Training

  • Avoid crowded gyms
  • Fat Loss Programs
  • Golf & Tennis Improvement
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Functional & Beginners Training
  • Convenient
  • Safe