Fall & Injury Prevention Programs

Each year 3 million Americans are treated for fall related injuries according to the CDC.  Lack of strength or stability leads to falls and significant injury.  The loss of muscle and flexibility from inactivity are the primary contributors to falls.

WB20’s 10 week program pairs functional exercises with WB-EMS to improve strength and stability. The exercises have been packaged into a formal regimen focusing on four key areas important to health and fitness: low impact cardiovascular; dynamic/static balance work, strength training and stretching. 

WB20 uses an FDA approved wearable technology that enhances your bodies response to exercise. Our safe and ultra-low impact program strengthen muscles in as few as 20-minutes, twice per week.

WB20 personal training is suitable for all fitness levels and is perfect for those who need to work around injuries and limitations.

Train with a certified WB20 EMS trainer using an FDA approved device. Your training program will be specifically designed based on your unique needs.

WB20 EMS Helps

Whole Body EMS:

  • Develop Core Strength
  • Increase Strength And Balance
  • Manage Arthritis
  • Reduce Back And Joint Pain
  • Slow Osteopenia
  • Improve Lower Body Strength
  • Improve Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Slow or Reverse Sarcopenia
  • Increase Mobility