Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation

WB EMS is a wearable technology that enhances your body’s response to exercise.

It’s pretty simple but genius. Gentle impulses are delivered through the skin’s surface to contract the muscles. The impulses cause the muscles to contract, similar to the muscle’s actual movement and regular contractions when lifting weights or doing any exercise. When combined with a custom training program, Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation burns more calories, improves performance, and builds strength faster than training alone. WB EMS workouts require far less weight, so they are safer on bones & joints.

  • Build muscle
  • Improve posture
  • Create a toned body
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Preserve joints & ligaments
  • Save time

With EMS, your workout is short yet amplified and highly effective. Twenty-minute sessions are perfect for a busy lifestyle, and the technology allows our expert trainers to design programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Our mission​ is to elevate our clients’ quality of life by delivering innovative fitness and wellness solutions.

EMS Workout

What to expect-

First Session

Arrive– Assessment & Fit3d Body-scan
Suit up– EMS Super Hero Suit
Warmup– Functional movements
Workout– 15 min. custom workout
Relax- “Active Recovery” to reduce soreness
Head out- Back to life

The Whole Body 20 Program is tailored to your goals. Constant communication between you and your trainer occurs during each session & results are measured using Fit3D body scan technology.


Together we identify measurable goals and design a program tailored to your needs.

Our assessment will identify muscle imbalances and potential injuries. We address “problem” areas through a combination of specific exercises and stimulation. Our program will strengthen underactive, stabilizer, and core muscles to improve athletic ability and reduce injury.

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