EMS for Rehabilitation

The road to recovery after an injury can be long and rough. EMS conditions muscles with less stress on soft tissue, bones and joints than conventional training methods. The targeted nature of Electro Muscle Stimulation training makes Whole Body EMS an ideal option for anyone working around injuries, limitations, or muscle imbalances. Our tailored/customized workouts mean we can safely rehabilitate your body after an injury.

Our own trainer, Bernard, uses EMS technology as a rehabilitation tool after losing 35 pounds recovering from a motorcycle accident a little over a year ago. The incident left him with breaks in his hip, both feet, left ankle and right wrist (27 fractures in all) as well as several muscle tears and ligament and tendon injuries that required him to use a wheelchair and relearn how to walk. With the help of the WB20 Fit Fam, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and EMS, he has regained mobility and is currently training at 85%. Whole Body EMS allows him to work around his injuries, increase his strength and improve his range of motion. Moreover, EMS is excellent for treating muscle atrophy which can easily follow any injuries that interrupt a regular exercise routine. 

EMS technology allows trainers to target specific muscle groups. This approach is particularly beneficial when recovering from or working around an injury. The targeted approach improves functional fitness, burns fat and condenses a 90 minute workout down to 20 minutes. Our “Active Recovery” sessions promote blood circulation and lymphatic draining to hasten the recovery process.

When you train with us we will help you find the best and safest option to regain your confidence and muscles faster. Join us for a session soon to build your strength and stay active during your rehabilitation.