EMS workouts

Get Ready for Spring with EMS Workouts

Spring is just around the corner. And while the thought of warmer weather and more sunshine sounds great, if you are like many others, you may be feeling a bit out of shape coming out of the winter season. But rather than toiling away at the gym for endless hours to get your summer body back, consider incorporating EMS workouts into your routine for greater results faster.

What are EMS Workouts?

EMS stands for electric muscle stimulation. You wear a suit that incorporates electrodes over major muscle groups during an EMS workout. As you start exercising, the electrodes will deliver small pulses of electricity that make your muscles contract. These involuntary contractions mimic voluntary contractions that you engage in during a traditional workout. However, you simultaneously get involuntary and voluntary contractions during an EMS workout, which is why it is so effective.

EMS workouts can give you the results of a 90-minute workout in as little as 15 or twenty minutes. And these workouts are safe for most individuals, although they should be avoided by those with certain underlying medical conditions and pregnant women. If you doubt whether EMS workouts are right for you, consult your physician before trying them.

How Can EMS Workouts Help Me Get Ready for Spring?

In the weeks leading up to spring, feeling a bit insecure about your body is common. Many people pack on a few extra pounds during the cold winter and then dread the time they know they need to invest at the gym to get back into shape. Fortunately, EMS workouts offer an ideal way to get ready for warmer weather as they provide several benefits.

  1. You will achieve results faster than with traditional workouts. Getting back in shape is a process. It often takes months of major working out to see any noticeable difference in your body, which can be discouraging. After all, you are doing a ton of work for very minimal results. With EMS workouts, users often see a noticeable change in their bodies in just a couple of weeks, which means they can build momentum and gain confidence quickly. And this benefit often inspires people to continue embracing healthy habits and fitness. 
  2. It takes less time. Getting into a workout routine can be challenging since it often takes a massive time commitment, which can be a barrier for many people with a modern lifestyle. EMS workouts are often only 15-20 minutes, meaning even the busiest people can make time for them. As a result, you can achieve tremendous results with much less time than it would take with any traditional workouts.
  3. You can get a toned look. EMS workouts don’t simply help with weight loss; they also build muscle, which means that these workouts are a great way to help your body get more firm and toned. By adding lean muscle and burning fat, you can get a healthy look in a small amount of time.
  4. They are a safe way to work out. Strength training is a great way to get back in shape, but repetitive motions for prolonged periods of time with high resistance can damage joints and lead to much wear and tear on your body. EMS workouts are a safe way to work out, achieve results, and embrace fitness without all of the strain on joints, cardiac stress, and central nervous system fatigue. In addition, EMS is often safer than most other standard workouts.
  5. They can reduce pain and improve healing. Not only are EMS workouts a great way to get in shape without damaging your body, but they can also help repair any current damage. Physical therapists have been using EMS for years to improve healing. The electrical current delivered to the muscles also stimulates circulation. This increased blood flow reduces inflammation and pain and helps the body naturally repair its tissue quickly. As a result, many EMS users report having less pain after using EMS.
  6. Almost anyone can do it. EMS workouts may not be right for people with certain pre-existing medical conditions or who are pregnant. Aside from those exclusions, these workouts are often safe for people at any fitness level or age group. And EMS can be incorporated into most other standard workout methods, meaning you can often tailor your session to meet your needs.

Rather than dreading the spring, try working out with EMS technology. It can be a way to quickly get the results you want – meaning you can start looking forward to summer fun!

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