Mobile EMS workout

How Mobile EMS Workouts Can Help You Reach Your Strength Training Goals

Reaching health and fitness goals is never an easy endeavor. Today’s modern lifestyle often makes people feel burnt out, stressed, and with too little time. However, Electric Muscle Stimulation is a relatively new workout method that can deliver proven results in far less time than traditional workouts.

EMS can provide many health, fitness, and wellness benefits, including better balance, increased endurance, reduced pain, faster recovery, optimized cardiovascular system performance, better balance, and enhanced strength.

How Does EMS Work?

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. It uses electrical impulses to contract the muscles and stimulate motor neurons. The mild electrical current will cause targeted muscles to contract in the same way they would with weightlifting. EMS workouts involve wearing a suit that targets specific muscles during a workout session. Incorporating mobile EMS workouts in your fitness routine quickly deliver results. In fact, it can give you the results of a 90-minute workout in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Why Does EMS Help With Strength Training?

Strength training focuses on building lean muscle mass and increasing endurance. EMS can support both of these goals. Two types of muscle fibers are used for voluntary motion, Type 1, which is also called Slow Twitch, and Type 2, or Fast Twitch. All muscles throughout the entire body include both types of muscle fibers, but they are very different.

Type 1 fibers can maintain long-term contractions but produce less force than Type 2. Conversely, Type 2 fibers are very powerful but fatigue quickly. While Type 1 fibers are crucial for endurance, Type 2 are required for jumping and sprinting. Type 2 fibers are much harder to develop because they generally only activate once Type 1 fibers become fatigued.

Type 1 fibers are developed through endurance training with traditional workouts, while Type 2 are developed through strength training. But with mobile EMS workouts, the body’s natural electrical signal is enhanced with electrical current. Both voluntary and involuntary motions are used to intensify the workout. And this results in a physiological response that cannot be achieved with any traditional workout – and definitely not in such little time.

How Do Mobile EMS Workouts Help You Reach Your Strength Training Goals?

The action behind EMS is that the electrical signals ensure both types of muscle fibers are activated, improving endurance and strength training performance. But the results in developing lean muscle mass are only the direct benefit of EMS. There are multiple other ways in which EMS enhances strength training, including: 

  • It reduces the risk of injury. EMS technology is often used to minimize pain and support faster healing. Mobile EMS workouts can also reduce the risk of injuries because you do not use heavy weights. As strength and balance improve, the risk of accidents decreases, keeping your body safer.
  • It aids in recovery. EMS is frequently used to provide pain relief and increase circulation to an injured area, quickening the healing process. The electrical pulses flush out toxins and lactic acid build-up to reduce soreness. EMS also reduces inflammation in targeted areas. The muscle contractions squeeze the veins, pushing oxygen back to the heart. Overall circulation and heart performance also increase, leading to better perfusion at all times.
  • Increased endurance and strength. Strength training is part of any well-rounded fitness routine, but better endurance can also optimize your overall physical performance. Since mobile EMS workouts incorporate features that activate Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fibers, so you can benefit from better endurance and strength.

Mobile EMS workouts can accommodate people at all stages of training, even those beginning a journey to better health and wellness. Additionally, the lean muscle mass developed through WB EMS can strengthen the immune system, create stronger core and back muscles, increase the body’s metabolic rate, and improve overall posture.

Well-developed muscles can protect the bones better. Improved balance and flexibility also contribute to a decrease in the risk of accidents and falls. And these key benefits are especially important as individuals age.

While EMS can supercharge any strength training workout and help you achieve strength training goals quicker, the overall benefits to general health and wellness cannot be overstated. There is no doubt that finding the time and energy to work on personal fitness goals is an incredible challenge for many. But mobile EMS workouts deliver better results in less time. To learn more about how mobile EMS workouts can boost your strength training regimen, contact WB20 today.

WB20 provides a whole body EMS workout in 20 minutes with the next evolution in fitness. Our physical trainers can work with you to target your areas of concern. With the latest technology, our team can help you increase your strength, improve your metabolism, and work 95% of your muscles. Workout smarter, not harder.