Staying Safe with EMS Training

The benefits of EMS training over conventional training are extensive, but the technology may be intimidating to a first-time user.  

Whether you have been with us for a while or are just researching your options, safety is always our top priority

Below, we address both device safety and physiological safety of EMS training.

How It Works:

WB EMS sends the same signal as your brain telling muscles to contract (lift).  It creates the same contraction as lifting weight but without weight. 

During your workout the trainer carefully controls stimulation to muscles and directs you through a set of exercises tailored to your goals. Some EMS practices use a uniform level of stimulation for the whole body. At WB20, the stimulation is modified based on the muscle group worked during an exercise.

As you start to move through exercises, your body will feel small sensations as the electric current causes the targeted muscles to contract. WB EMS utilizes low voltage so there’s not enough electricity to hurt you. 

Our Technology:

Physical therapy has been using electro stimulation as a rehabilitation method in the U.S. for decades. After vetting several manufacturers, WB20 decided to partner with WIEMSPRO. Recently approved for use in the U.S., the WIEMSPRO system incorporates many updated capabilities into its EMS technology. It is now possible to deliver stimulation at varying levels based on the muscle group being worked. 

Our Trainers:

EMS Training is personal training!  Our team is comprised of outstanding personal trainers who are certified to use EMS systems. Your trainer will customize your workouts and ensure your safety throughout them. It’s their job to instruct and direct you on the exercises you perform and keep you in proper form. Likewise, they set the intensity of the electrical current and where it’s being applied. While EMS technology is a high tech approach, the success of it relies largely on you and your trainer.

Call us to learn more and to be paired with the perfect WB20 trainer to start your EMS journey.