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Loudoun Now – WB20 EMS Opens Ashburn Fitness Studio

Bernard Mustafa and Daphne Mustafa celebrated the opening of their new WB20—Whole Body 20 EMS—personal training studio in Ashburn on March 5.

The studio employs Electro Muscle Stimulation technology in its customized 20-minute mood-boosting, fat-burning, muscle-toning programs designed for all fitness levels.

Patrons conduct their supervised workouts while wearing EMS suits with electrodes that mimic impulses the central nervous system uses to contract muscles.The WB20 staff says the studio’s 20-minute workouts are efficient and effective, delivering the equivalent of 90 minutes of strength training in the gym.

During Friday’s grand opening event, demonstrations of the electro muscle stimulation personal training were livestreamed on Facebook.

The studio is located in University Commerce Center, at 44921 George Washington Boulevard. Learn more at