wb20 origins

WB20 – Origins

Our team is dedicated to disrupting the traditional personal training industry by widely deploying whole body EMS training in the US.

wb20 origins

The technology and fitness training method has been used extensively in Europe and around the world successfully for over 20 years. The method endures because of results. The method endures because it is a good business model. It’s time for Americans to benefit.

Scientists recognized the potential of electricity as a wellness tool as early as 500 BC according to the Power Dot website. More recently, electrical muscle stimulation was integrated with athletic training. Yakov Kots used EMS to train the USSR Olympic team that competerd in the Montreal 1976 Summer Olympics. Researchers have reported Kots found using EMS in training athletes produced impressive results in terms of increased muscle force. There may be something to that; The USSR walked away with 125 medals at those games including 49 gold, the most of all the competing countries.

I didn’t find out about all this until after I tried WBEMS. Our intro to EMS is a personal story. My husband, after many years of pain decided to have his injured rotator cuff repaired. He says it was injured during his little league baseball career. He had his surgery at the age of 66. The surgery was a success. Regaining the muscle strength lost over the years was challenging. My husband is a fitness enthusiast and works out diligently. He realized however it was not possible post op to strength train the injured side the way he needed to. What to do?

Fortunately, a new training method was offered by his health club, whole body EMS.

He was skeptical but intrigued by the claim of an effective 20 minute workout. As a busy executive the prospect of a short effective strength training workout was very enticing. That plus an introductory offer, and he was signed up. That was 3 years ago. He has been able to regain strength on his injured side and muscle balance. 20 minutes 2 times a week! It works! Oh and did I mention, he looks fit and fabulous.

We are working on launching WB20, the whole body EMS experience, that will bring this technology to fitness industry professionals looking to use technology to improve outcomes for clients and to work smarter.

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